Monday, 23 May 2016

Old Fire Station After Effect

The Old FireStation After Effect

Introduction. The Old Fire Station is a great Students' Union nightclub, and one of the biggest dance music clubs for a dubstep party. With arguably the best DJs to play this musical genre, music tracks and eventually lots of dancing space, and the loud noises ...

Technique. This animation uses expressions instead of keyframes to dynamically animate titles in After Effects. You need to have good knowledge of After Effects in order to change the default project settings.

Text Animations With Expressions

You can set an expression for the Position property in text layers and animate the Orientation property of a layer. Add an expression to a text layer property in this example to link the Position property of a word The.

temp = text.animator("Animator 1").property.position;[temp[0], temp[1], temp[1]]

Old Fire Station After Effect Titles

Description: Title After Effects Dubstep music at the Old FireStation Bournemouth.
Permissions: Reviewers may download the source files, including some of the media elements.
Free Download: Download our free after effects template: Old Fire Station After Effect.aep!

Heavy Dubstep at the Old FireStation in Bournemouth

If you love Dubstep welcome to a special place and discover your favorite music community with big DJs or bands about to hit the big time. The Old FireStation in Bournemouth has lots of space and is one of the best venues for drum & bass and dubstep music types. It's a lovely place to just lose yourself and party all night.

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